Jayaprakash Narayana’s Misunderstood Assumptions

The Jayaprakash Narayana’s opposition to the resolution of Government requesting central government to bring an amendment to the constitution to extend S.C status to Dalit Christians, is conceptual rather than experiential. The following 5 facts that made me criticise Jayaprakash Narayana On this issue: 1. Jayaprakash Narayana perhaps not had been to villages where, majority of the Dalit Christians […]

Weight Loss and Global Hunger

2 Easy Steps to Guarantee Weight Loss and Ending Global Hunger Undernutrition: 30 children would die with hunger and under nutrition by the time you finish reading this article. When you are reading this article, millions of children are scavenging for food amidst rubbish with hope of filling their empty stomachs. Every 6 seconds a […]

10 Questions to Jana Vignana Vedika

Discussion is going on in a television on the occasion of recent solar eclipse day. There were heated exchanges between the representative of the JVV and a person who practices Astrology. Both were trying to win over the other person, in the process of defending their point of view. There was another discussion on the controversial remarks of […]

Lok Satta Derogatory Comments

This blog post is with reference to loksatta derogatory comments of “Tughlaq rule” on the state government on the issue of “Maha varun yagam”. Are the derogatory comments(state government tughlaq rule) of lok satta justified? The issue for the discussion is whether maha varuna yagam works or not? Will the thoughts or sounds impact the physical […]