The Reason Why I Have Decided To Make My Two Sons Millionaires In 2019

It was about 8 PM… My son came to me and said “I have asked him but he said not possible” Here is the back story… My son wants to do something and he is short of Rs 7,000… I have advised him to take the help of one of our close relative … But […]

KOBEN is a Good Opportunity to my Son

When I am struggling to settle in the life I have no Mentor to guide me…. At the time I have no idea of entrepreneurship… I have no alternative but to join the government service…. Subsequently I have realized the benefits of entrepreneurship and wriggled out of job…. I’m sure my brother-in-law also has undergone […]

10 Simple Questions To My Son

1. Have you taken my past experience into consideration? And if so will you agree or disagree with my opinion… 2. Have you taken your mama’s experience into consideration? And if so what is mama’s opinion about civil services…. 3. Have you taken your mom’s opinion and her experience into consideration? 4. Do you aware […]