The Reason Why I Have Decided To Make My Two Sons Millionaires In 2019

It was about 8 PM… My son came to me and said “I have asked him but he said not possible” Here is the back story… My son wants to do something and he is short of Rs 7,000… I have advised him to take the help of one of our close relative … But […]

How I made stress my friend

Yesterday while I am routinely browsing YouTube. One video come to my notice. As it is relating to stress I watched it… The essence of video is as follows; Stress will lead to heart attack if you think that stress is an enemy Stress is healthy if you think that it is a friend. Stress brings courage in you […]

I Am a Bad Man But I Feel Good

I am a Bad Man Because Job I quit the government job ignoring the responsibility of my spouse, children and family members… I quit the government job against the wishes of spouse, family members and friends… I quit the government job that brings a lot of money…. Asking I’m claiming my rights as Son with my adoptive mother… I am asking my adoptive […]

Inner Child Released From Prison

Yesterday I spoke to my mother… I have perceived a sense of indifference and impatience against me… Perhaps she’s receiving negative feedback about my blog posts… After I finish talking to her I sit for a while in silence…. I have followed my feelings deep down one by one… I could sense that she’s not going to reconcile about my feelings… I think what to do? My Desires I imagined my desires…. […]