Back Drop:

Born on 21st October 1963 to lower middle class parents. I am with them only for less than 3 years. During that time when my father was doing a small job in telephone dept in the town called Barsi in maharastra state; Around 1966, I was brought to vellanki by my Pedananna  & Peddmma  . Vellanki is small village in krishna Dist.

This is very important:

I was brought up by my peddmma & pedananna right from  3 years of age to till I settled in my life. My own parents have not played any role in my upbringing. In fact till I finished my intermediate I have no contact or relationship with them except when meeting in holidays now and then. When I was in graduation the two families started living together in nandigama a small town in krishna Dist..

Here is the gist of my education:

Primary & High School Education

1st class to 4th class: Vellanki (with Peddamma)

5th class to 7th Class: Thotaravulapadu (with Peddamma)

8th to 10th Class: DBH School Nandigama (Hostel)

Intermediate & Degree

Intermediate: KVR College, Nandigam ( Hostel)

B.Sc: KVR College Nandigama (with Parents & Step parents)

Post Graduation

M.Sc: Nanded, Maharastra state

Jobs held and other important events

1st Job: Part time lecturer

1st Govt Job : V.D.O Inavilli, East Godavari Dist (Selected under Group-3 Service)

2nd Govt Job Sr Asst  APPSC: Hyderabad  5-12-1990 to 24-11-1997 (Selected under Group-2B Services)

Got Married to Sujatha: 10-06-1992

Name Changed from Benhur to Praveen Kumar: 30-12-2003

Religion Changed from Christian to Hindu (Parents mistake has been rectified):  30-12-2003

Selected to Group-I Services and appointed as Commercial tax officer:

Commercial Tax Officer Training 24-11-1997

Commercial Tax Officer PDP 23-12-1998

Commercial Tax Officer Saroor Nagar 3-08-2002

Commercial Tax Officer Vanastali puram 01-01-2005

Assistant Commissioner (CT) Vizag 10-10-2005

Appellate Deputy Commissioner (CT) (FAC): Feb 2008

Resigned & Quit the Govt service: 23-12-2008

Entrepreneurial Efforts

Praveenben online marketing (Test Project): 22-01-2010

Koben Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd: 04-10-2011

Company Closed: October 2016

(All of my savings  are gone & physical assets were sold with an intention of surviving the company…Unit was closed due to acute Cash flow & Staff problems…)

Work Continued with limited resources and  limited scale: From November 2016

Myself and my wife worked on Fight Your Infertility. Com. My son after his engineering graduation worked on Tonsil stone remedies. net. Thankfully within 6 months Cash Flow problem is solved. As on now both sites together earning nearly 2 lakhs per month.

Company is bootstrapping in 2018:

Now I we scale up the company slow and steadily by reinvesting the surplus funds.  Troubles and trauma is over. The Greatest life lessons are learned. The real story begins now…. Continue to read this blog to know how the great success looks like….